A job where you can grow both personally and professionally, and make lifelong friendships! From our engaging group training to awesome teambuilding activities, find your Paladin pal and discover endless career opportunities with Paladin and beyond!

Our philosophy doesn’t just fill shifts,
it nurtures careers.

Build LIFELONG Friendships

Meet amazing people on your very first shift, support each other, and grow together throughout your careers. Paladin makes friendship easy through our great culture, open communication, and commitment to our people.


With us, you will get a chance to make a real difference; the Paladin Difference! Whether it’s helping out a lost child, a patient in need, or saving someone’s life, you will be making the world a friendlier and safer place with us!

Learn and Grow

We believe in equipping you with the best-in-class training and knowledge through specialized courses and continuing education programs as well as continuous mentorship and coaching.


We cover you from company-paid training to career advancement whether it’s within Paladin or beyond. While many stay, others transition to law enforcement, security management, or something totally new – we support you on your journey!


Breanna Guy, Client Service Manager with Paladin


I’ve had so many different opportunities working with Paladin, and that's what's truly made it different for me. The number of different opportunities and experiences that are available within Paladin is truly incredible. And that's one piece for me that really hits home is that you're never bored. There's always something to do, and there's always something different to explore! 

Victor Do, RCMP & Paramedic Candidate 

If I didn't have all the situations and the experience and the training from Paladin, I definitely wouldn't be where I am today working for the City of Coquitlam in the RCMP detachment [as a Custodial Guard], working now as a paramedic student, almost done the program and even going into the military. I don't think I would have pursued any of those fields had I not been in [the security industry]. 

"For building experience, the best place to
do it is at Paladin."

Loman Dhillon, Site Manager and Use of Force Instructor with Paladin

I am proud of myself. I think it's an amazing achievement to being able to be in a position where I see other people in the same shoes as me [when I first started]. I had no prior knowledge and experience, and there were people who were supporting me and helping me. Now I am able to invest in others and help them reach their goals, it is rewarding, and it feels amazing every time.  

Danyal Shafqat, Manager of Operational Excellence with Paladin

Saving lives definitely fills that void because at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what title you have or what you get paid or what your uniform looks like. At the end of the day, we're just there to serve the community. For me, that's what I wanted to accomplish, and I was able to do that [at Paladin]. 

Aleks Baranov, Property Manager at Skyline Group of Companies

I developed quite a few close friends [during my time with Paladin]. We still hang out every other week and, we never really lost contact. They've helped me a lot, and the culture here is about helping you be your best and strive to be better, not just for [the company], but for yourself as well. I've had tons of people encouraging me to do better and do what I can. It was a very nice culture to be a part of.    

Other benefits

  • Extended Medical and Dental Benefits
  • Dedicated Employee Care Team
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Career Exploration for Those Interested in Law Enforcement
  • Recognition and Rewards Program


Do I need security license or experience to be considered?

You do not need a security license or experience to be considered. Paladin will provide information on the licensing process to all those who are interested.

What does it take to become a security guard?

Check out our blog on How to Become a Security Guard. This article provides some tips to help you answer some of the most common questions related to becoming a security guard:

  • - How do I get a security guard licence?
  • - How long do you have to go to school to be a security guard?
  • - How much does it cost to become a security guard?

Paladin Cares

How we’re making the world a friendlier place

We know you care, and so do we, having a positive impact on diverse communities is important both where we live and where we work. Paladin’s Four Seasons of Giving approach to charity maintains a year-round commitment from all our branches coast-to-coast. Each season marks a different corporate initiative, with individual branches supporting several local organizations and programs that are of significance to team members. 


Paladin is passionate about our support of the Canadian Cancer Society and their Daffodil Campaign. Cancer has touched many of our families and friends, and we're proud to say Paladin has raised over $500,000 for this worthy cause.


Paladin has committed to donating a minimum of 100 pints of blood in support of the Canadian Blood Services. Branches compete to see who can donate the most, which last year resulted in us nearly reaching our annual goal in a single day.


Mental health is a huge part of our lives, our work, and our communities. Dollar a Day helps us raise money to support local charities that focus on mental health. Each of our branches commits to raising a dollar a day ($365/year) and in the fall, each of our regions will pick a charity to receive our donations.


The season of giving marks our commitment to children through Make-A-Wish Canada. Their mission is to grant children with life-threatening medical conditions hope, strength, and joy. Paladin raises money annually to help one special child’s wish come true.

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